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Second Time AroundBlurb

The second instalment of RISQUÉ REUNIONS

Sweethearts from their schooldays and wed too young, Willa Riley and James Adams, are now separated due to marital stresses and a different vision for their future together. Some years after their split, Willa attends their school reunion, unsure how she’ll react on seeing James again, but determined not to stay away, like a coward. She’s in for a surprise though. Her formerly diffident ex husband is a transformed, self assured man who’s grown into himself and found confidence in an outdoorsy career that really suits him. Always desirable, he’s ten times as sexy in his dominant, sexually adventurous new persona, and Willa responds to him with renewed passion that astonishes and shocks her. James has the measure of her bossy personality now, and there’s sweet joy for her in the act of submission to her newly masterful husband and the way he punishes her with delicious, loving pleasure-pain.

Published by Harlequin Spice Briefs in July 2012

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In the old music room, away from the reunion party, Willa confronts the powerful new man her ex husband has become... and is unable to resist him.

Without looking back, James strides across the room and throws himself down on one of the chairs, facing the back of the room. He nods amiably to a rather bad tempered portrait of Beethoven on the rear wall. He appears totally relaxed on the hard old chair, and in tight denim, his thighs and crotch look astounding.

Good God, he’s got an erection! Part of me can’t believe it. But there’s another part of me that was expecting it. I feel a shudder of response, between my legs, and suddenly I’m wetter than ever. If I shifted from foot to foot, I swear I’d squelch… and he’d hear it.

What’s going on? What’s going on? My heart thuds hard, and it’s like there’s tightening band of iron around my chest.

“Don’t stand over there, love. Come closer, where I can see you.”

I jump, and stare around like a startled rabbit, realizing that I’ve been standing at the door as if waiting for permission to move further into the room.

Me, wait for permission? My legs feel weak, they’ll barely carry me, but I obey him and stride towards the haphazard line of chairs. I feel as if I’m floating and my head’s gone all light. Something very strange is happening to me, and I can barely look at James, much less meet his eyes.

When I make as if to move towards a chair, the one next to him, he goes, “Uh oh…” and shakes his head. I do meet his eyes then, and their fiery, electric blue, yet dark.

Battling an overwhelming urge to pant for breath, I just stand there in front of him, fiddling with my bag on its strap. His eyes narrow and he reaches out and waggles his fingers, indicating that I give it to him. When I do so, he sets it down, alongside his chair.

Why can’t I speak? Why can’t I move? It’s as if he’s controlling me with his eyes, and that slight smile playing around his lips. I can’t believe the way my body is going crazy simply from a glance, a narrowing of his eyes, the tap of his fingertip on the side of his wooden chair seat. Oh God, it’s as if he’s reached between my legs and begun to stroke me, slowly and tantalizingly. My clit throbs and aches, and my nipples are like hard little stones in my bra.

“I want you back, Willa,” his voice is low and velvety, the rich tones of it confident now, assured. The last bit of old Willa opens her mouth to say something, some stupid protest she doesn’t mean, but he arches his dark blond brows and almost, but not quite laughs at my inability to get out the words. I realize he’s always known me better than I’ve known him.

“And I think you want me back too, don’t you, love?”

Even though he wants me to speak now, I can’t, but he nods as if he’s heard the “yes” I can’t manage to utter.

“I’ve learnt a lot about myself while we’ve been apart. I’ve learnt to accept parts of me I’d been suppressing,” he continues, clasping his hands lightly in front of him, thumb of one resting in the palm of the other. They look sinewy and strong, hardened by work, yet capable of great delicacy. I want to kiss them, but the notion astonishes me, and I suppress a gasp, amazed at the bizarre, bizarre thoughts that are forming in my head. I see myself kneeling before him, pressing my lips to those beautiful hands, then allowing them to do anything they want with me. And still kneeling, I imagine opening his jeans and drawing out his cock, so I can suck and worship it.

I sway again. I actually sway. Inches.

“Do you want to sit down, Willa?” he says it softly, yet with weight, as if suggesting that by saying “yes, I do want to sit”, I’ll incur some penalty.

So I brace my knees, shake my head - and just stand there, aching, aching in every nerve and cell, and mostly between my legs, where my pussy is swimming wet.

I do not know what has happened to me. I do not know what has happened to James. But I know we’re two new people, transformed forever.

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