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A much shorter form of this story has appeared in the anthologies Hide and Seek and the Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 8. However, this version is over 50% brand new material that mainly consists of wicked, raunchy naughtiness. Find out what happens when the sexy exhibitionists become voyeurs themselves!


While enjoying a lazy day at the beach, sexy holidaymakers Suzy and Gavin see a sudden glint of light flash from the headland overlooking their patch of sand, and realize that somebody's watching them through a pair of binoculars! Far from being alarmed, hedonistic Suzy finds the forbidden scrutiny deliciously exciting, and turned on by her own latent exhibitionism, she and Gavin decide to put on a titillating performance… and really give the distant voyeur something to watch!

5,700 words = approx 14 pages

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‘What the hell is that?’

There it goes again… that flash of light from the cottage on the headland. Is it what I think it is? Is someone up there spying on us with binoculars?

‘Whassup?’ grunts Gavin from underneath the towel he’s got plonked over his face to keep the sun out of his eyes. I’m surprised he even heard me over the football commentary on the radio. I thought he was totally tuned in to John Motson and the European Cup. I didn’t think he was actually paying attention to me at all but it seems he is.

‘Nothing… I’m not sure… I just keep seeing a flash of light or something from that cottage up there.’

Suddenly, I’m reluctant to admit my suspicions. They’re pretty stupid after all. People stare out to sea with binoculars all the time. There’s nothing to say that whoever’s in the cottage is looking at us, if, indeed, they are using binoculars. It could just be sunlight glinting off a window pane that’s flexing in the heat.

‘Right,’ Gavin mutters, reaching down to idly adjust himself in his trunks while at the same time turning the radio up with his other hand.

Git! He wasn’t really listening after all…

If Gavin had his way we’d be back at our own cottage and he’d be in front of the telly, watching his precious football instead of just listening to it. Me, I could fancy a bit of steamy, sweaty afternoon nookie - but Gavin, in typical lad mode, seems to be satisfied for the moment with a few beers and the beautiful game.

But it’s our first seaside holiday together, and it’s the sunniest day since we got here, so I’ve insisted we hit the beach, football or no football. To give him credit, Gavin accepted this with good grace. I’ve known blokes who’d go into a full-on sulk if they had to make do with Five Live instead of Match of the Day.

Ack, there it goes again! That glint of light…

What are you looking at, you horrible perv? There’s nothing going on down here for you to letch and wank over… would that there were!

I’m not really complaining. There’s actually been plenty of sex since we arrived at the cottage, and plenty of orgasms. But it’s all been pretty basic stuff, if you know what I mean? Missionary, routine foreplay, the odd bit of oral… Satisfying, and almost throat-catchingly tender at moments, but just missing that indefinable something in the thrills department. No adventure. No spice. No Factor X.

Nothing daring and kinky like doing it in public while someone watches through binoculars.

What the hell is the matter with me? Where did that come from?

I ought to be outraged at the thought of somebody spying on me while Gavin and I are making love, but the idea’s got into my head now, and I’ve a feeling it’s stuck there. Instead of tilting the parasol so that our distant watcher – or watchers – can’t see us, I get up, take hold of it, and twist it around out of the way so it doesn’t obstruct their view. And while I’m up here, I lift my arms and do a sort of supermodel thing, pushing my hair back from my face in a way that makes my boobs rise in my bikini top and salute the sun.

Get a load of that, whoever you are, I challenge, running my hands down my neck, and my shoulders and then down the sides of my breasts. Lingeringly and lovingly, as if I really fancy myself… It’s a shame there isn’t more of an audience, actually, but there’s only me and Gavin here on the sand this afternoon. This is a more or less private beach for the little cluster of cottages that hug shallow cliff top and the edge of the band of dunes to the west of it. You can’t get down here by road, so there’s no passing trade and we’ve got this pretty expanse of pearly sand all to ourselves.

‘What’re you doing, love?’

I jump and spin around, and find Gavin has shed the facial towel and is watching me, hands behind the back of his head, and eyes narrowed against the sun. Which is a great pity, because his eyes are one of his finest features – brown as brandy and very deep and dark and sexy.

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