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Short erotic novelettes for Harlequin, both contemporary and historical and often kinky. Sizzling hot historical romance for HQN, set in the late Victorian era of the 1890s.

N.B. the excerpts listed on these pages contain sensual content that is only suitable for adult readers who are comfortable with frank language and descriptions of erotic scenarios

Three Colors Sexy

Three Colors Sexy - click for info

Follow Suzanne and Simon's BDSM journey - click here for information

The Ladies' Sewing Circle

In the Flesh - click for info

UK Release


Diamonds in the Rough - click for info

Mills & Boon Edition


A Gentlewoman's Quartet - click for info



Ten Shades of Seduction

A Very Personal Assistant - click for info

Spice Briefs


Ten Shades of Seduction collection



Second Time Around

Spice Briefs


Two Chances

Chance of a Lifetime - click for info

Spice Briefs


Another Chance - click for info

Spice Briefs


12 Shades of Surrender collections - click for information

Find CHANCE OF A LIFETIME as part of 12 Shades - click here for information

Risqué Reunions

Risque Reunions - click for info

Risqué Reunions - rolling back the years at a ten year school reunion
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