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When female executive Miranda accepts an invitation to get away from it all with her handsome Personal Assistant Patrick, she very quickly realizes she's going to get far more than she bargained for. Out of the office, Patrick is very much the one in charge... and his delicious dominance is just the therapy she needs.

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This is crazy. I’m his boss and he’s my personal assistant, for heaven’s sake.. We shouldn’t be doing this.

Well, if that was the case, why had she primped and preened and fluttered in the cloakroom? Why was she smelling rather more than usual of Shalimar?

Her rational self told her it was just an hour or two out of the office, a change of scene, maybe a drink or a coffee somewhere. Patrick was a good conversationalist, with smart opinions on politics, current affairs and the media. It was always fun and mentally stimulating to chat with him, however briefly.

But her irrational self said this jaunt was all about sex.

Score one for my irrational self.

Especially when she turned the corner, reaching the car park, and her pussy literally rippled at the sight of Patrick.

He didn’t look all that different, leaning against his powder blue vintage Citroen in the sunlight. In fact he looked exactly the same as he usually did, in his sharp, but very traditional three piece suit that fit his body so beautifully. The only perceptible change was the absence of his tie, and the opening of his collar - but in other ways, it was if a magic prince had suddenly appeared and the relaxed energy in his lithe, athletic body seemed to promise that anything, in fact everything, was possible.

“Er… hi!” The slight squeak in her voice when she called out made her sound like a nervous teenage girl on her first date rather than a confident, powerful woman in her thirties and a senior partner in the firm.

“Hi, yourself,” replied Patrick, pushing himself off the car with a smooth powerful shove, then opening the door for her.

The Citroen was low, and Miranda was acutely conscious of the frisky slide of her skirt as she half flung herself into the passenger seat. Patrick’s smile broadened and seemed to twinkle as if it’d been animated by Pixar, while their eyes acknowledged the wedge of dark lace stocking top she’d just flashed at him. “Nice,” he murmured, leaving her so flabbergasted at his cheek that she couldn’t answer.

Clipping the buckle of her seat belt, she expected him to ask, where to? But instead, he just set the car in motion, drove out of the car park and headed off confidently without reference to her or her preferences.

“Where are we going?”

Miranda swallowed, nerves and maniac butterflies fluttering in her chest. She’d been in cars with Patrick before, en route to away meetings and functions, but even though they’d been just as physically close in these instances as they were now, it’d never seemed so intimate, so intense. Senses she couldn’t quantify were seeing him in perfect detail even while she affected a nonchalant interest in where they were heading.

“Oh, nowhere you know… just a little place. Off the beaten track. You’ll like it.”

“But where is it?”

Waiting at a set of lights, he was able to turn to her. His expression was arch, amused, completely in charge. Miranda felt as if the Citroen had become a parallel world where Patrick was the boss, and she the subordinate. And yet even as she thought that, she realized that she’d only ever been his superior in a nominal sense. Even when she’d been giving him instructions and doling out tasks, on some level he’d been oh so subtly controlling her instead.

Oh God… what am I into here? What are we into?

“It’s a secret. Why spoil the fun?” he said mildly, putting his foot down as the lights changed. They were taking a road out of town, and already greenery and sunlight were all around them. “You asked me to take you away from it all, and that’s what I’m doing… I’m taking you away from being in charge.”

Oh God… oh God…

Miranda trembled. The phrase “a whole new ball game” had never really meant a lot to her, but now, she understood it completely. The door into the new world slammed shut behind her, the thud of it rushing through her body like a hot tsunami that crested deliciously in the pit of her belly and her sex.

As if he’d observed the phenomenon with X-ray vision, Patrick flashed her a quick glance. He barely took his eyes off the road for a second, and yet Miranda knew he’d seen everything, both hidden and unhidden.

“Let’s play a game.” He waggled his expressive blond eyebrows.

Available from eHarlequin, Mills and Boon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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