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Gothic Heat - buy from Amazon.comBlurb

Get ready to burn…

She burns for him…

He burns for her….

Paula Beckett has a problem. Waking up after being found unconscious and naked in a hotel room, she discovers she’s got a devil inside her. The discarnate spirit of wicked and voluptuous sorceress Isidora Katori is in residence, and suddenly Paula is driven by dark desire and wanton recklessness.

Isidora Katori has a problem. She’s lost her body but she still wants to live. With only a thousand hours to achieve her goal, can she seduce Rafe Hathaway into helping her to steal Paula’s body?

Rafe Hathaway has a problem. He’s irresistibly drawn to two different women…and they both happen to live in the same body. Should he choose brave, sexy Paula, who’s fighting impossible odds to hang on to her very existence… or sultry Isidora who offers immortal life?

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‘Good?’ he whispered, thumbs moving. Flicking…

Paula felt like a doll pinned to the wall. Her arms dangled at her sides, she was too caught up in the delicious sensations even to reach for him in return. Thudding pleasure beat in her body in a triangle. Breast, breast, sex. She rolled her head involuntarily against the stone work, her mouth lolling open, her eyes closed.

For a moment, whispers of darkness flittered through her mind, but with a cry, almost a shout, she banished them. Her eyes flew open, and she found her companion watching her closely again, his hands stilling, ready to withdraw. His lips opened, as if to question her, but she forestalled him, reaching up to touch them, to run her fingertips across their velvety surface as she pressed her body into his hold.

‘No questions,’ she said firmly, rolling her shoulders against the wall, loving that he was quick to resume pleasuring her, despite this unwanted hiatus in her concentration. With her free hand, she foraged beneath his jacket again, cupping one tight buttock and bringing his crotch close to hers.

‘Not even one?’ he persisted, then sucked impishly on her fingers, circling his hips so she could feel his tense erection.

Paula shimmied in a syncopated movement. He was big, very big, oh goody!

‘All right… just one. Because I like you…’ She cast a quick look downwards, lowering her lashes, and he laughed, instantly getting her meaning.

‘What’s your name?’

It was the question she’d expected, but what she hadn’t expected was the power of another name, springing involuntarily to her lips as if it were her own.

Isidora… from the dream…

The second it had dashed through her mind, she fought to banish it, but the ease with which it had almost escaped was terrifying. Shaking, she clung on harder to the hard muscled round of her lover’s backside.

‘Paula! My name is Paula!’ It was an evocation. An affirmation. A shout of defiance, though spoken softly and huskily.

‘Paula what?’ he whispered, one hand still at her breast while another slid over her ribs, her waist, her hips.

‘No no… that’s another question. It’s my turn to ask now.’

‘Ask away…’ His voice was husky, teasing. His hand was beneath her brief leather skirt now, searching and seeking. The gliding contact of his fingertips was pleasantly cool against her burning hot skin.

‘What’s your name?’

She felt vaguely disappointed with her own mundane question, yet had no idea what other thing she might have wanted to ask. Tossing her head and rocking her buttocks against the dirty stone wall, she almost growled at questions and strangeness and any goddamn impediment to having sex with this unknown man.

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