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A PRETTY WEIRD BLOKE - a sensual story about an unusual Alpha male and his naughty quirks

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Nikki thinks she’s found the perfect man in the form of her handsome, sophisticated work colleague David. He’s intelligent, funny, and a devastatingly desirable Alpha male in a traditional and slightly old-fashioned English way.

But even though she knows that he fancies her, it takes forever for him to make a move. And when he does, he issues a tantalising warning… he tells her that he’s a ‘pretty weird bloke’.

Nikki guesses that this is something to do with his preferences as a lover, but she’s up for an adventure. Even so, his interest in a certain part of her anatomy - and certain wickedly ‘testing’ things he’d like to do to it - is as unsettling as it is dangerously exciting.

Can she channel her inner daring and handle David’s weirdness… and walk on the wild side with him into dark, seductive pleasure?

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‘What do you mean by “weird”?’ I asked him, mentally running through various possible interpretations of the word. If he was into trainspotting or keeping pet tarantulas, I supposed I could probably get used to that. If it was a sex thing, well, I wasn’t exactly super experienced, but I wasn’t a prude either. The idea of a bit of kink excited me, and if it was saucy undies, I’d be happy to oblige because I had a thing myself for pretty lingerie. I’d even wear leather or rubber if he wanted me to.

‘Oh, I suppose you could say I’m just a little… particular in what it is about a woman that most turns me on,’ he murmured enigmatically, without apparently realising my curiosity was going crazy.

Or maybe he did realise? Perhaps he suddenly was flirting?

If so, great! And I had an inkling what his particular predilection might be.

In fact, how could it not be that, when all the signs were there?

‘Well, I’m pretty broad-minded. I… I’m prepared to try anything. Why don’t we go out together and just see what happens?’

To my delight, he smiled devastatingly and agreed.

The first few dates were great fun, but frustratingly chaste. We went for walks, to the pictures, and for casual meals in small restaurants, but nowhere near either his bedroom or mine, spending hours talking about everything under the sun, and laughing a lot. We kissed very passionately on the safe ground of my doorstep, and each time, I was left craving for much much more. I’d lie in bed a little while later…fantasising about David’s mouth possessing mine… and the feel of his long, cool hands upon me.

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