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TEMPTED BY TWO - In Love with Two Men series

Please be aware that this excerpt contains sensual content that is only suitable for adult readers who are comfortable with frank language and descriptions of erotic scenarios

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I'm a passionate devotee of Agatha Christie's elderly female sleuth Miss Marple, and I always love seeing the gorgeous country villages where some of the stories are set when I watch and rewatch the television series. So it's been a goal of mine for a long time now to set a story in that sort of pretty village, and Little Marplethorpe is a nod to St Mary Mead.

But that's just about where any connection to an Agatha Christie story ends. There's no poisoning, stabbing or other kind of sedate but murderous mayhem, and Queen of Crime would probably have had a fit if she ever read Tempted by Two... but then again, you never know.


When executive woman Katie Warren arrives in the picturesque village of Little Marplethorpe for a country holiday, to reassess her life and her future, she doesn't bargain on ending up in a hot three way love affair with a man she's admired from afar... and his gorgeously handsome male partner.

Marcus Dane and Owen Foster are lovers, committed for a lifetime, but they both enjoy the company of women as friends and bedmates too. Encountering Katie at an exhibition of his work, Marcus knows she's just the kind of bold, daring, imaginative woman who'll relish sharing erotic games with Owen and himself.

But what none of the trio expect is that their intense, steamy threesome will quickly deepen into a bond that's a lot more than just simply fabulous sex.

33,600 words/approx 86 pages

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I must be insane. I don't know these men. But even as she thought it, she parted her lips and accepted Marcus's tongue. It was the painting that reassured her, the tenderness she'd seen in it, and the care shown by the men for the woman between them. There was a verisimilitude about it, an aura of true affection for all its raunchiness.

Marcus's hand slid around the back of her neck, lightly holding her, the masterful quality of his fingertips making her shudder at her core. He was an artist, skilled in touch and exactitude, but even as his tongue stroked hers, she felt other lips, and another tongue, touch her bare shoulder where it was exposed by her strappy summer dress.

If Marcus was the flamboyant, daring artist, what did Owen bring to the mix? She might have said safety, but that sounded too tame. He was just as hot and sexy a man as his lean dark friend.

A hand settled on her hip -- Owen's, from behind her -- fingers curving to ruck up the thin fabric of her skirt. As the hem crept up, Marcus's tongue became more insistent, thrusting deep, the rapid stabbing action rudely provocative. He cradled her face in both hands, owning her with the thorough, devouring kiss. Katie didn't know what to do with her hands, who to touch. Her body was peculiarly inert yet energetic, like a vibrating vessel waiting to be filled, a fresh white canvas on which great art would be created. She let her hands drop to her sides, and gave herself over to their hands -- the two men who were going to make extravagant love to her.

Owen wasted no time with her skirt. He pushed it up, exposing her thigh, then the curve of her buttock in her skimpy thong. Still kissing her shoulder, he cupped one lobe of her bottom in his entire hand and squeezed hard, making her moan. The sound was a gift to Marcus from his lover, and the younger man seemed to draw it into himself, increasing the authority of his kiss.

Katie had never felt so manipulated, and yet at the same time so powerful. Energy flowed into her through Marcus's mouth, and Owen's exploring hand, making her blood sing and her sex flutter and ache to be filled. To be touched... Whatever... Unable to control herself, she wriggled on the couch, trying to assuage her gathering arousal.

"Yes," hissed Marcus vaguely, allowing her freedom of her mouth for a moment, before plunging in again. This time, he gripped her neck only with one hand, and the other, he let slide down to her breast, where he plucked her nipple between finger and thumb, rolling it firmly through the cotton of her bodice.

Beside herself, Katie moaned again, moving restlessly. As if the touch to her breast had activated her somehow, she raised her hands, tugging at the straps of her dress, pulling them down over her shoulders to bare herself. Working together, knowing what to do by instinct, Marcus helped her, reaching around the back to unzip her. Between them, they stripped the cotton frock to her waist without ever once breaking the kiss.

He was still kissing her, still devouring her with tongue and lips, when Owen suddenly abandoned her bottom, and reached up to unsnap her light strapless bra, whip it off, then fling it away.

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