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Please be aware that this excerpt contains sensual content that is only suitable for adult readers who are comfortable with frank language and descriptions of erotic scenarios

An Appointment with her Master - click for larger versionEnter a world of passionate imagination, where two inventive minds play luscious games of pleasure and power exchange.

Mary-Anne and her master, Benedict, are together now, and they're always exploring daring new fantasies. Happily his by choice, Mary-Anne grows daily in strength and self-confidence, and while she adores submitting to Benedict in their intimate scenarios, as a couple they’re very much equals.

When she devises their latest sensual challenge, Mary-Anne knows the wild scenario will test her limits, and Benedict's inventiveness. But will the elaborate, exotic adventure be a step too far, or the gateway to a higher level of sensation?

It might even be another game entirely…

This delicious odyssey of breathtaking pleasure, consensual power play, and lush, exquisite punishment is a sequel to An Appointment with Her Master.

Approximately 7,500 words.

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When she was ushered into her master’s study, it was empty. A small fire burned in the hearth, and there were comfy armchairs to sit down in as well as the vast, imposing desk and an equally august leather chair behind it. The slave would have loved to warm herself before the hearth or relax in one of the chairs, as much as she could with a reddened bottom. But she knew she wasn’t allowed to…

Temptation was intense, but she could almost imagine he might have deviously installed a CCTV camera in here so he could keep tabs on her while she awaited his arrival. The longer she stood, the more driven she was to transgress. He was definitely keeping her waiting on purpose. She stood for a full fifteen minutes, feeling unsettled, off-balance, yet more and more and more turned on. Reduced to a mere object, an ornament to decorate the room, she felt herself tremble with anticipation.

The sound of the door opening made her flinch. “Take off your coat, please,” said her master matter-of-factly, strolling to his desk and taking his throne-like seat. He was dressed for the country in expensive vintage tweeds, an exciting contrast to his modern, youthful looks.

But it was the intensity in his eyes that made her feel faint. They were pale, level, and very stern. He seemed unmoved when she shed her coat and stood half-naked before him, but she sensed he was moved. And that in the depths of those serene eyes, hungry fires burned, far back. Heat and more…

“I should like you to walk around the room a little,” he instructed, picking up a pen from his desk and toying with it, turning it end over end between deft fingers.

The slave did exactly as she was told, acutely conscious of her naked state. The perilously high heels made her totter a bit as she walked, and the flesh of her rounded buttocks jiggled. She knew full well that her fresh lash-marks would be plainly visible.

“Why were you late for our appointment?” enquired her master as she passed before him for perhaps the tenth time. “You know how I value punctuality.”

“I… I…,” the slave stammered. The words wouldn’t form. Raw desire froze them in her throat.

“Tell me,” her master insisted, his low voice silky. “I want details. I want to know everything. All your excuses.”

The slave managed at last to speak. Slowly, haltingly, she described the whole sequence of events to him, even her imagined amour on the train, which had no bearing at all on her late arrival but was still as important to him as events that had really happened.

“Stand still now,” he said as she finished her description of how the chauffeur had used her in the clearing. “Here.” He indicated a place beside his desk. “Lean over, please, and press your body across the desk.”

Once again, the slave complied without demur, draping herself across the cluttered surface of the desk and feeling documents and paper clips adhere to her belly. With no warning and a delicious lack of his usual finesse, her master began an exploration.

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