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Please be aware that this excerpt contains sensual content that is only suitable for adult readers who are comfortable with frank language and descriptions of erotic scenarios

An Appointment with her Master - click for larger versionBackground

I wrote this story long, long ago, and it's been through a variety of versions. I'm hoping that this is the last and best version, complete with a proper little love story for Mary-Anne and her master, which was lacking in the earlier incarnations. Her "Master" even gets a name this time, but you'll have to read to the end of the story to discover it.


Shy, but secretly sexy and imaginative, Mary-Anne Green fantasizes about having her bottom spanked by a stern and powerful master, the beautiful, cultured hero of her wildest dreams. She longs to feel the hand of a dominant man upon her, punishing her flesh, then caressing it to the heights of exquisite pleasure.

It seems that these wild scenarios are destined to remain solely in her imagination, until one day Mary-Anne meets her dream master online. Their chemistry is electric from the very first moment, and their fantasies and desires a perfect, sizzling match. In email after email they share everything. Dark urges, wicked wishes... painted pictures of fiery, passionate punishment.

But what happens when Mary-Anne and her Master decide to meet each other? Will the delicious, painful magic survive the transition to reality? Will their intimate bond be all they hope for, and perhaps more?

Approximately 5,000 words/11 pages.

A much shorter version of this story has originally appeared in print under the title "It Had to Happen".

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You could come to me, and I could make it real for you.

The words were simple, yet so seductive she was lost. Without committing herself at first, without a single word to her Svengali, she was already set on the road that led towards him.

Telling herself it was all crazy, she still experimented in order to prepare herself. She stole a ruler from work, an old thing, quite heavy and sturdily made. When she swished it down fiercely on her inner thigh, the pain was sharp but fleeting, and afterwards came a sweet, rosy glow. The heat of it bloomed in her skin, yet spread out, instantly to her center, so close. It sizzled as if he'd smacked her, as if he'd exalted her to a new level of perception. Insanely pleased with herself, and more aroused than ever, she touched herself furiously, embroidering her fantasy, and ready for more, much more. So much more.

The next stage, in fact.

In a bold maneuver, that turned her on as much as the experimental spanking itself, she sent the man himself the same ruler that she'd used on her own thigh. It was accepted with a magnificent, amused arrogance that thrilled her, the perfect answer to her call, exactly what she'd wanted. He described what he would do to her, what she would do to him, and specified the logistics of their meeting. Reading his response, she was a teenager in love again; but this time in love with the right man. With him, it wasn't weird to be submissive, and obedient to his whim... it made her powerful, and right feeling, not an oddity. Lying in her bathroom, on her back, swishing her bottom with the sturdy wooden ruler, she imagined herself miles and miles away, lying on her front, across his knee, and trembling before him. Or, in an exciting variation, he might put her across the back of some beautiful antique chair, and thrash her buttocks with whatever implement he chose.

All the dreams in her mind made her she smile, something she did more and more these days. She grinned to herself, because within her fantasy, he did all these things because she willed it as much as he did.

But what anguish might the pain, the real pain, cause her? What would the stinging, the smarting, the pure fire scorching her untried bottom, do to her? Would the real thing be way beyond her fancies?

And now, oh God, the momentous day was here.

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Also available in the Delicious Pain anthology - click for info

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