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DELICIOUS PAIN - a BDSM boxed set of lush sensual powerplay


Please be aware that the excerpt below contains sensual content that is only suitable for adult readers who are comfortable with frank language and descriptions of erotic scenarios

Delicious Pain - click for larger imageDelicious Pain comprises six intense stories of women's initiation into the rites of painful pleasure.

In An Appointment with Her Master, Mary-Anne finally meets her beloved online master face to face and hand to bottom.

In Forbidden Treasures, a vintage punishment journal and a fierce rattan cane prompt Alice and her husband Julian to explore his secret past and a daring new BDSM future for the pair of them.

Vickie and Terrence both have sexual secrets, and neither quite knows what's going on in the other's head when they're in bed, making love. But one day, Vickie reveals her Naughty Thoughts... and discovers a brand new, thrilling Terrence. A powerful man who likes to play spanking games. Also available separately here.

In Life, the Universe and Sebastian, Megan falls for the dark and devastating Sebastian Holmwood at a party, and quickly ends up across his lap, having her bottom spanked... and that's only the beginning of a journey that spans two more stories, It's Time and The Roses in Your Cheeks.

Please note, An Appointment with her Master, Forbidden Treasures and In Sebastian's Hands have all been published individually as ebooks for Amazon Kindle and on other platforms.

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"A girl's education should always begin with the hand," he observed, making a steeple of both his hands before him at waist level, and then raising them to touch the very tips of his fingers to his lips. "The hand is intimate. The contact is skin to skin. There's no better way to gauge the effect of a smack, and thus modify the force of the next one." He looked at me evenly, his pale eyes unblinking and slightly narrowed, then he nodded infinitesimally. Like an android, I rose to my feet.

Mozart played on softly, but all of a sudden I was in a new and surreal dimension. Sebastian Holmwood could control me with the very slightest gesture, and as he walked smoothly towards the settee, then sat down just a yard or so away from me, I turned to face him, my head meekly bowed. He was lower than me, seated whilst I was standing, but in all things he had the upper hand.

"So, Megan Chambers, do you want to understand? Our friends downstairs are woefully ignorant. You know that, don't you?" He reached out, took hold of both of my hands, and then held them in one of his. He let his free hand slide lightly down my hip, tracing its approximate shape through my costume's fluffy petticoats. Sensing that he required it, I looked up and met his eyes, realizing he was a little older, and far wiser, than I'd originally thought he was. I nodded, knowing instinctively what I'd let myself in for, and feeling both fear and curiosity in equal parts.

"Good," he said with a thoughtful smile, then let his hand slip beneath my skirt and petticoats. "Are you wearing anything beneath these?" He plucked at the long, lace trimmed mock Victorian pantaloons that peeked out from beneath my hem, then flattened his hand, slipped it upwards, and cupped the rounded cheek of my bottom.

"N... No," I quavered as he squeezed. I'd expected to get the costume grubby at the party, and as I'd be laundering the whole thing anyway, I'd decided to be naughty and go without any extra knickers.

"Excellent!" His eyes gleamed. "Now lift up all these skirts up for me. There's a good girl." He released my hands and nodded to my Bo Peep dress and all the frippery beneath it.


Sebastian didn't speak, but his cool old-fashioned look spoke volumes. Trembling, I reached for my hem, then hauled up my skirts and held the whole lot in a haphazard bunch at my waist.

"Back and front," he specified. I obeyed with a graceless scrabble, and then closed my eyes as he gripped my pantaloons, whipping them down to my knees with one smooth, efficient jerk.

"Lovely," he said softly. I could almost feel the weight of his gaze on the curly triangle of my sex, like a radiant therapy that made my hidden folds heat. "Now turn around for me."

Shuffling, I presented my bottom, keenly aware of its plump, curvaceous shape.

"Perfect." His voice was a whisper and I heard the leather upholstery creak as he shifted position. I was quite disappointed that he didn't try to touch me. "Turn again."

I complied.

"Open your eyes."

Again, I did as I was told, aware that my whole face was one big blush.

Sebastian was sitting comfortably on the sofa, his posture strong-looking, his knees spread a little apart. "Do you know what to do?" he asked. The gleam in his eyes was like starlight.

I bit my lip. I knew, but I couldn't say it.

"Come on. It's easy. Come across my knee. I won't bite you."

I wasn't worried about him biting.

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